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I make art about what it means to be human.


While working with Mammoth Media, I developed and produced stories for their narrative storytelling platform, YARN. In my first year at Mammoth, I produced and/or directed several multimedia projects in partnership with brands like Skype and L'Oreal, and created many of their most successful ads. I went on to curate and contribute to a collection of real coming out stories by LGBT+ writers called Coming Out.

Prior to working with Mammoth, I spent five years as a Creative Producer for Wayside Creations, during which I wore a variety of hats; namely, producer, editor, and story supervisor for two short films and two seasons of beloved fan series Fallout: Nuka Break. I also wrote and co-directed the 2011 GoDaddy National Commercial Contest-winning commercial, Russell's Notebook.

Voiceover Directing

I directed voiceover performances for narration of the 140 different book summaries featured in Mammoth Media's Cliff's-Notes-esque app, Catch-Up. After falling in love with that process, and having felt inspired by Andrea Romano's ensemble work on Batman: The Animated Series, I scheduled and directed all the actors in ensemble cast recordings for season one of Mammoth's dramatic YA radio play, Strange Street. I'm pleased to report that after recording 171 pages in 6 days, I am still very much in love with the process.

podcasting & voiceover acting

My co-host, Travis McElroy, and I have hosted two podcasts together. The first, Interrobang with Travis and Tybee, was an anything-goes, freeform conversational show about culture, communication, and compassion. During the show's run, I offered my e-mail address to listeners who were going through a rough time and needed someone to talk to -- this led to a deluge of strikingly similar e-mails, which prompted me to create a pen pal program for our listeners called InterroPals. With some information from each potential pal, I was able to match about fifty listeners, many of whom have continued their correspondence. The show ended in Autumn of 2017, when we started our second show, entitled Run: A Doctor Who Fancast. In it, we rant and rave about beloved BBC television show (you guessed it), Doctor Who.I also narrated upwards of 20 of the book summaries for CatchUp, including several longer fiction pieces, and voiced the character Yvonne in Strange Street.

LGBT+ Issues

I didn't discover the full breadth of my sexuality until I was an adult, and I think if I had been exposed to a story like mine earlier in life, I might have found it sooner. I can't get those years back, but what I can do is use my privilege -- that is, being a white, cisgender, straight-passing woman with a supportive family and visibility in digital media spaces -- to create new avenues for queer people to share their stories and see themselves represented. At Mammoth, I did that did that directly by developing queer-centric content like our Coming Out series. With Interrobang, a large portion of our audience consisted of members of the LGBT+ community, and through InterroPals, I was able to connect them with other people who understood their unique position.

In 2018, I volunteered as a videographer and marketing consultant for Brave Trails, a leadership camp for LGBT+ teens. I edited a series of videos to help secure investors and get campers interested, and along the way, I learned a lot about what it actually means to support future generations. Outside of content creation, I am always working to learn more about queerness and its intersection with race and disability, including canvassing with the LGBT Center of LA’s Leadership Lab to talk to voters about issues that people of color currently face.


Oct 2017 - July 2021
Mammoth Media Production Manager and Creative Executive
July 2014 - July 2017
Tier One TutorsTest prep and academic tutoring
2009 - 2015
Wayside CreationsProducer


Florida State UniversityBFA in Acting (Cum Laude)

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